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Plant Profile: Daphne odora

Daphne odora 'Alba'

Daphne is an evergreen shrub with deliciously scented flowers. The fragrance lingers in the air in the garden, inviting you to get closer. The fragrant flowers may be light pink or white. Flowers bloom in late winter to early spring, depending upon your region. Plant leaves are either leathery, dark green and shiny, and one […]

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Lilac Vine-HardenbergiaPlant Profiles

hardenbergia Anne of Green Gardens

Want to be the first front yard in your neighborhood with flowers every year? You can be if you plant a lilac vine (Hardenbergia species). The bright, cheery flowers of this climbing vine are a colorful reminder that spring is nearly here! Description of Hardenbergia Lilac vine (also called coral pea) is an evergreen vine with dark […]

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Pacific Coast IrisPlant Profiles

pacific-coast iris grissos fancy Anne-of-Green-Gardens

If you need a plant with show-stopping color for shade, Pacific Coast iris, also called Douglas iris, is your plant! It resembles bearded irises in leaf and flower appearance but is more diminutive. Bearded iris flowers tend to stand tall above their leaves, while Pacific Coast iris flowers are shorter. Pacific Coast iris grow from […]

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Plant Bulbs Now for Spring Color!

Good things come to those who “plant” ahead. This includes seeing the lovely blossoms of spring bulbs. In many areas there is still time to plant. Check out this bulb planting chart (scroll down a page or so) to find planting times for your area. Visit your local nursery or garden center to pick out […]

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Spring Seed Starting 101 Part 2 of 2

After seeds germinate, use a complete houseplant fertilizer at 1/2 strength to provide nutrients. Two weeks later, use the recommended fertilizer  rate on the fertilizer bottle. Over-fertilizing seedlings can easily damage and  kill plants, so follow directions carefully. Once seedlings are large enough to transplant outside, you’ll need to “harden” them off. This is the […]

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Potato Update!

Have you watched my potato planting video? If not, watch Planting Potatoes for a quick review. The potatoes did really well, and aside from a frost that nipped at them slightly, the tops of the plants were green and healthy. Frost damage happens when temperatures drop below freezing, and the succulent growth dies back. Here […]

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Flowering Tree: Flowering Pear

flowering pear Anne of Green Gardens

In late winter to early spring, the flowering pear absolutely bursts into the street tree scene. The white blooms are followed by shiny green foliage that stays on the tree until fall. Once fall arrives, the leaves turn shades of gold, purple and orange, and then drop to the ground. Pear Problems: Not all flowering […]

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The Cheerful Daffodil

When it comes to images that represent spring, daffodils must be included! I discovered this cluster of flowers during a walk through the UC Davis Arboretum last weekend. The weather was sunny, leading me to believe spring had returned (as winter often allows us glimpses of spring before it returns), but of course the next […]

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Winter/Spring Flowering Tree: Purple Leaf Flowering Plum

There are many varieties of flowering plums (Prunus cerasifera). In late winter or early spring, abundant white or varying shades of pink flowers cover the tree, depending on the variety. Although the tree is called a “flowering” plum, many varieties also bear edible fruit, ranging from sour to bland in flavor. P.c. ‘Hollywood’ bears good […]

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Flowering Tree: Western Redbud

redbud trees Anne of Green Gardens

Western Redbud (Cercis occidentalis) is a flowering tree tree for all seasons. In late winter/spring (depending on your climate) it produces small clusters of purplish-pink blooms on bare branches, followed by flat, bean-like seedpods. As the flowers fade, attractive, heart-shaped leaves begin to open. In autumn, leaves provide fall color, and the bean pods remain […]

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