Bottle brush flower. [H.Guenther]

Bottle brush flower. [H.Guenther]

Bottle brush is a striking evergreen shrub or tree. Once a commonly seen landscape plant, it has become less so and been replaced by more popular flowering trees such as crape myrtle and western redbud.

Description of Plant

This plant flowers heavily in spring, and continues to flower during warm weather. The flowers are spiky, and like their name resemble a round hair brush. Flower color can be red, pink or yellow.

Tree bottle brush can read up to 25 feet tall and 10 feet wide, while bush bottle brush can be as short as 3 feet. Most nurseries sell various species of this plant in a variety of sizes and flower colors. There are even weeping tree styles.

Bottle Brush Care

Plant in a sunny location and give it regular water until established. Prune off suckers that originate near the base of the tree or shrub. Otherwise, light pruning for shape in spring is sufficient.

Plant for Pollinators

Dwarf bottle brush.

Dwarf bottle brush.

This Australia native is especially attractive to hummingbirds. Sometimes hummingbirds build their tiny nests in the tree. Youā€™ll notice they are extremely territorial and will dive bomb you if you get too close to the nest!

The bright flower colors also draws in bees, native bees and bumblebees. If you plant a bottle brush the news will spread fast among pollinators!

Drought Tolerant

Bottle brush is a drought tolerant evergreen shrub or tree. To read about how to establish your plant, visit Gardening 101: Watering.

Bottle Brush, Callistemon species.
USDA Zones:8a-11
Height:3 feet (dwarf) to 10-25 feet.
Width:10 feet (dwarf) to 15 feet (trees).
Sun/Shade:full sun, partial shade in hot climates.
Water Requirements: regular water, allow soil to dry out between waterings.
Pruning: prune for shape as needed in spring.
Other needs:protect from frost if low temperatures are predicted.