redbud trees Anne of Green GardensWestern Redbud (Cercis occidentalis) is a flowering tree tree for all seasons. In late winter/spring (depending on your climate) it produces small clusters of purplish-pink blooms on bare branches, followed by flat, bean-like seedpods. As the flowers fade, attractive, heart-shaped leaves begin to open. In autumn, leaves provide fall color, and the bean pods remain on the tree after the leaves drop, giving it an interesting appearance.

The redbud does not grow like a traditional tree that has one trunk, but instead is considered multi-trunked. This plant can also be considered a shrub and be kept at a smaller height. You may need to remove some of the trunks that cross each other to keep the tree/shrub healthy. The best time to prune is in winter.

Once established, the western redbud tree is a flowering tree that is drought tolerant and grows well in areas that receive little water.

USDA Zones:5-9
Sun/Shade:Full sun or light shade
Water Requirements: Little water once established.
Pruning: Prune for shape after flowering, major pruning in dormant season.