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Gossamer and Spiders in FallBugs in Your Garden


Every year in late October, I notice strings of “silk” on fence posts, plants and even the sidewalk. My initial assumption was that it was caused by spiders, but one of my friends vehemently disagreed and said it was from plants. So of course, I had to look it up and find out the truth! […]

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Monarch ButterfliesInsects in Your Garden

I recently participated in a twitter event on #gardenchat* about Monarch butterflies. At the end of the session the question,“Does your website have a blogpost about butterflies?” was asked. I was shocked to realize that I not written one! I decided to rectify my lack of a butterfly post and in the future I plan […]

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Assassin Bug…Assassinates!

Many everyday occurrences in the bug world sound like science fiction. Unsuspecting hosts eaten alive by internal parasites, broken legs that regenerate, and females who eat their mates… I strongly suspect sci-fi writers found much inspiration for novels while reading about bugs. Take for instance, the fascinating assassin bug, which lies in ambush awaiting its […]

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Ladybug Video- Larvae, Pupa & Adult!

Ladybug Life Cycle Thanks to Holly Guenther of Kimchi Kawaii for taking this video!

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Aphids vs Ladybugs!

Nothing says spring like a rosebush full of aphids, an insect with an amazingly complex life-cycle. Eggs laid by adults overwinter on plants and batches of mostly female aphids hatch in spring and summer. These females eat and grow (sucking plant sap and producing sticky honeydew) and then give birth to live, wingless young, a […]

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