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Summertime-Plant Colorful Carrots!Vegetables


Plant colorful carrot seeds now and harvest amazing tasting carrots this fall! You won’t believe how sweet they are compared to any other carrot you’ve ever tried. Look for colorful carrot seeds from Renee’s Garden or Botanical Interests. Colorful Carrot Varieties When you shop for seeds, you’ll see there are so many different colorful carrots […]

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Seeds to Plant in FallStarting a Garden

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Fall Salad Garden

My post Confessions of a Not-So-Perfect-Gardener detailed my spring gardening flop. Happily, I’ve moved on and have planted a salad garden in my CedarCraft planter for fall. I created a salad garden with several varieties of lettuce, carrots, and beet seeds, onion transplants and a few cloves of garlic. I’ve tried to cram as many […]

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Why Fruit Tree Seeds Don’t Reproduce Themselves

After eating a delicious piece of fruit, have you ever planted the seed? Did the seed you planted make the same fruit? The answer to the second question is most likely, “No.” What probably happened to your seed is that it grew a tree that a) never made fruit or b) took over 10 years […]

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Saving Seeds: Tomatoes

Last year I ate the yummiest cherry tomatoes EVER.  A coworker left some on my desk and I enjoyed them thoroughly. By the time I asked her for more so I could save the seeds, it was too late! Her family had eaten all the tomatoes. And who could blame them? They were absolutely delectable. […]

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Spring Seed Starting 101 Part 2 of 2

After seeds germinate, use a complete houseplant fertilizer at 1/2 strength to provide nutrients. Two weeks later, use the recommended fertilizer  rate on the fertilizer bottle. Over-fertilizing seedlings can easily damage and  kill plants, so follow directions carefully. Once seedlings are large enough to transplant outside, you’ll need to “harden” them off. This is the […]

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Spring Seed Starting 101 Part 1 of 2

Is it time to start seeds in your area? To find out, click here.  Then, count back 6-10 weeks from when you plan to plant. This will give you a date range for when to start seeds. Choose seed packets with instructions that say “sow in spring” or “plant when soil is warm.”  Seeds for root vegetables such as beets, carrots, radishes, etc. are best planted […]

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Sweet Peas=Spring!

I’ve gotten behind on my blogging, please pardon dear reader. 🙂 When I started writing this post the weather was more “spring-like” so please take that into account! Sweet peas are the epitome of spring. The flowers have a tantalizing, honey-like fragrance that wafts through the garden. On my way to a meeting today, I […]

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Seed Packets=Infinite Possibilities!

I love seed packets!! And, although I don’t watch much television, I happened to catch part of an episode of “Hoarders” at the gym this past week.  It made me realize I might have a slight hoarding issue with seed packets. I often receive large boxes at my job, the contents donated by nurseries. The […]

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