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What is Organic Gardening?Pesticides Series

What does organic gardening mean? Does it mean what you think it means? Take this quiz and find out! Question-organically grown produce is grown: 1. without the use of any pesticides 2. with only home made pesticides 3. using organically acceptable pesticides. Answer-believe it or not, the correct response is number 3! Organic farmers use […]

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Living Landscape: Design for Beauty & BiodiversityGarden Book Review


Have you heard the term,“ The Living Landscape?” According to authors Rick Darke and Doug Tallamy, it means that no garden is an island. These two gardening experts encourage gardeners to create a sanctuary for bees, butterflies, birds and other living creatures. As the world becomes more populated with people, there are less places for […]

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Anne’s Top 7 Gardening Tips

Annes 7 Tips-Anne-of-Green-Gardens

These 7 tips are helpful ideas I’ve learned during my lifetime of gardening.  There are many more I could have written but 7 is such a good number I decided to stick with it. Feel free to post your tips below! Tip #1 Everybody makes mistakes! All of the gardeners you know and admire (even […]

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Monarch ButterfliesInsects in Your Garden

I recently participated in a twitter event on #gardenchat* about Monarch butterflies. At the end of the session the question,“Does your website have a blogpost about butterflies?” was asked. I was shocked to realize that I not written one! I decided to rectify my lack of a butterfly post and in the future I plan […]

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Landscape Care During Drought

If you live in an area newly effected by drought, you may have some questions about the water situation such as: What IS a drought? How should I irrigate/water during drought? Do I need to pull out my lawn? I’ve heard it’s “bad.” Should I turn off my water and let my plants die? What […]

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Time to Say Goodbye

I just saw the paper today, and read that the nursery where I first learned about plants and life, is going out of business after 60 years. It was there I first learned that a coffee pot requires a filter. how to count change and that I had the gift of plant knowledge inside me. I […]

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Sustainable Gardening

There are so many terms used in the world of gardening. “Organic,” “natural,” “sustainable,” and “environmentally friendly” to name a few. It doesn’t take long before people are confused by all this terminology (and companies exploit terms for profit). When I garden, I practice good stewardship towards the earth. My goal is to live in […]

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