Snuggles enjoys cat grass!

Snuggles enjoys cat grass!

Grow cat grass for your indoor cat, or if you don’t have a lawn! Or just grow it for fun anyway. It’s a tasty treat for any cat. Also, if you use wheat grass seeds it’s edible for human consumption as juice.

Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

Cats normally eat grass and other greens* to help with digestion, and in many cases will regurgitate afterwards. According to PetMD, eating and throwing up grass doesn’t harm your cat. There are several hypotheses as to why cats do this. These include using the grass as a laxative, as a source of folic acid and for relieving a sore throat.

You’ll notice when  kitty throws up, you might see fur or other undigested materials in the lovely pile she’s left for you. You may want to consider combing her on a regular basis (I comb Snuggles at least 3x per week) if you see fur.

Whenever Snuggles throws up, I usually find it by stepping in it (yuck!). However, it doesn’t usually stain rug and cleans up pretty easily. Also I know she feels better after doing this.

In the video I use seeds from various seed vendors such as Renee’s Garden and Botanical Interest. But you can also find them at a feed store, just make sure they aren’t treated with any chemicals.

If you grow grass for your kitty, PLEASE send me photos of happy cats! I would love to post them on Facebook and this blog article.

How to Grow Cat Grass

*not just any plant will do. Avoid poisonous plants and be careful which houseplants you keep in your house. Here is a list of poisonous plants to be aware of from ProFlowers. Also, be aware that any chemicals you use on your lawn may be ingested by your cat. Try going natural! Read Natural Lawn Care.