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Summer Limb Drop in Trees


  One summer several years ago, I was a witness (and nearly a victim) to summer limb drop.  While weeding under a grove of eucalyptus trees I heard a loud “crack!” I looked up into the tree canopy and saw a branch falling towards me. Like a deer in the headlights, I stood frozen to the […]

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Myth Busters!

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted much lately. This is because I’m writing my first book! I’m excited to share my gardening knowledge with you. Since there are numerous garden books with photos of step-by-step directions and how-to information, I decided not to add to these books. Instead, my plan is to expound […]

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Potatoes: A HistoryIrish potato famine and more

russett potatoes

Potatoes are definitely a favorite vegetable with Americans. Baked, broiled, fried, home fries, mashed, hash browns…did I miss any? This popular vegetable is originally from the Peruvian Andes in South America where thousands of varieties can be found. The potato didn’t arrive in Ireland until the 1600’s. Potatoes were easy to grow and fed a […]

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