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New Miniature Gardening Video-Fairies!

My niece made the most adorable miniature fairy garden. She’s only 10 years old and I didn’t give her any help except to show her plants that would work well together. She put together the structure of the garden using a wooden box. She planted the plants and spaced them out the way she wanted, […]

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Container Gardening Post #3

The culprit I found crawling on my container gardening veggie plants was none other than the infamous spider mite! Spider mites are insidious little critters that suck plant juices and cause plant leaves to turn yellow and wilt. Because they are microscopic, it’s easy to think your plants may just need fertilizer at first. This […]

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Miniature Gardens in Containers

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Nancy’s Garden for Fairies and Gnomes

Watch this video showing Nancy’s miniature fairy and gnome garden. Nancy’s Fairy & Gnome Garden

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Popping Popcorn!

Popcorn is a specific variety of corn and is the only grain that “pops.” The reason has to do with the outer covering, and with the specific amount of moisture that is inside each kernel. When heated, popcorn kernels literally explode from the inside out! Here’s a List of Popcorn Varieties: Japanese Hulless Heirloom Popcorn, […]

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Growing Popcorn!

This year I decided to grow my own popcorn. In my opinion, it tastes much better than the kind you buy in a box, even without butter and salt! Plant popcorn the same way you plant traditional corn, in rows. Popcorn is also wind pollinated. Space the rows about 1 foot apart. Plant popcorn 1 […]

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Brown Widow Spiders

This video is short (1 min) and has great photos of what the spider looks like compared to a black widow spider. The brown widow is from Africa, and has been in Southern California for many years. It has only recently been spotted in the Central Valley. Scientists have discovered that brown widow spiders prefer […]

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Ladybug Video- Larvae, Pupa & Adult!

Ladybug Life Cycle Thanks to Holly Guenther of Kimchi Kawaii for taking this video!

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Citrus Budding

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Planting Potatoes Video

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