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Meet Holly Guenther aka Kimchi Kawaii!

photo by Lisa-Marie Pohl

photo by Lisa-Marie Pohl

You may have noticed the captions underneath almost all of my photos have the same note: photo by Holly Guenther. I wanted you to get a chance to get to know her. Aside from being a fabulous photographer, Holly has many other artistic pursuits. I sat down with her to do a mini interview.

Holly, you have your own business, tell Anne’s readers how you got started? I have a day job, but I needed a creative outlet which is why I started Kimchi Kawaii. My business is influenced by the Japanese ‘kawaii’ (cute) style of art. In my Kimchi Kawaii shop you can find all sorts of designs on things like clothing, electronic accessories (like camera phone cases and mouse pads), and kitchen ware. There’s a section in my store inspired by Anne of Green Gardens that I call ‘Going Green’ where gardening and plant related designs reside.

I also have designs on acrylic pins, necklaces and hair ornaments in another shop through Storenvy, and original fabric prints I’ve created and sell through Spoonflower. As you can see, my creative outlets keeps me very busy! Anne wants me to start another shop with my photographs but we’ll see! She’s trying to convince me to sell prints at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show, as well as some of my jewelry designs.  In addition to Kimchi, there is Frosted Fleur de Lis which carries some of my finer art based on art nouveau and fantasy designs.

photo by Lisa-Marie Pohl

How did you get started with photography?  I sell a lot of my work at anime cons and have been doing that for a few years now. Recently, I was able to use business profits to upgrade my camera to a Canon Rebel. My goal is to start selling some of my nature photography as prints.   I like to experiment with all types of creative media and since Anne and I live in the same town we have fun walking around while I take what I call ‘artsy fartsy’ photos.  Usually Anne asks me to take plant photos for her website and after seeing one of my photos will say in exasperation, “Holly!! People are supposed to be able to identify this plant. You took a super close up photo of a raindrop on one leaf!!” I guess sometimes, they photos are too ‘artsy fartsy’ for Anne, lol! I’m really into small details which probably makes it difficult for Anne to create “Monday Mystery Plant” photos for her Facebook.

Where do you get all of your energy?  Coffee or tea? Depends on how much stuff you want me to get done! I’m a caffeine lightweight. Even decaf puts me into orbit. Tea for normal days, coffee for tight deadlines 🙂



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