Hello gardening friends! As you may remember, back in 2013 I launched a Kickstarter to print my Miniature Gardening Book. The book is 8×8, and has 55 colorful pages pages of miniature gardening photos and ideas. I’ve gotten lovely feedback from purchasers who’ve been inspired and made gardens with their friends and family.

Here is a video of a miniature garden my 9-year-old niece made after reading my book.

When you order a book, I will sign and ship it out to you right away! The book cost is still $15, including shipping and handling. Order it at https://www.storenvy.com/stores/266362-anne-of-green-gardens 

The book was printed in the US with a publisher in Ohio that did a beautiful job. Most photos were taken by my good friend Holly Guenther, who also runs a small business full of puns and fun plush, stickers, pins, and other products called Kimchi Kawaii. You can visit her site at https://www.kimchikawaii.com/