Miniature Gardening Book

Miniature Garden book Anne of Green GardensIn 2013 I wrote a book about miniature gardening and had it self-published. I’m really proud of this project that I worked on with Holly Guenther of Kimchi Kawaii who designed the book as well as took many of the photos.

Miniature gardens are so much fun, and can be a fun and inexpensive project, or can be taken to higher levels and developed into entire backyard. There are so many themes you can use, fairy gardens are really popular, but you can also design a Zen garden, a dinosaur garden, a beach garden or anything else that you can think of. No matter what your age, creating a miniature garden can be a fun hobby.

If you’re interested in purchasing my book, it’s available on my Anne of Green Gardens Storenvy site.




  1. Hi there, I stumbled on your blog by accident. I am a member of a mi niatures club in NZ and we would love to order a copy of your book for the club. please can you tell us the easiest way to do this? Thanks, Liz

  2. Would love to buy your book is there anywhere near St Geoges Basin NSW Australia

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