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Myth Busters!

Don't let the gloves fool ya, this gal is ready to bust some gardening myths!

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted much lately. This is because I’m writing my first book! I’m excited to share my gardening knowledge with you. Since there are numerous garden books with photos of step-by-step directions and how-to information, I decided not to add to these books. Instead, my plan is to expound on basic gardening principles by concentrating on the “why” and “how.” In the process, I will bust open a few cans of gardening myths. Be prepared to get mad… I may just pop your favorite gardening myth bubble.

One thing I won’t do in this book is discuss the nitty-gritty research of each topic. I started to do this in my first draft and it was WAY too long. Instead I’ll site sources and you can check them out yourself.

When I write, I’ll use knowledge learned from studying horticulture (B.S. from Cal Poly) and working for University of California Cooperative Extension as a horticulture program rep. (2007-2009.) My book will be a combination of book and field knowledge.

The reason I decided to write this book has to do with hearing SO many gardeners repeat gardening information they’ve heard from friends, read in a garden magazine or on a gardening Internet site, or viewed on a gardening television show as if it is absolute fact. When actually, much of it is not true or based in fact. Hearing these folks talk DRIVES ME ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!! The single most important thing I’ve learned from my combined education is not to rely on hearsay or media of any sort unless the info is backed up by research or the opinion of a seasoned horticulturalist.

As a quick intro to my book, did you know that some gardeners believe if you put gum in a gopher hole the gopher will chew the gum and then die? The gardener never specifies if the gum should be pre-chewed, fresh, in the wrapper, or mint or bubble gum flavored. What they do say is “It worked for me, just try it!”

A few years ago a gopher was devastating my garden. First he ate my broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage in 2 days. Then he headed towards my lettuce. At this point I was desperate, so I put bubble gum in the hole. The next day he finished up my garden by plowing through the carrots and beets. Maybe I should have used mint flavored gum?

The truth is, if it were THAT easy to get rid of gophers, they would have gone extinct hundreds of years ago. If you want to know how to get rid of gophers, contact your nearest Cooperative Extension Office and ask for a publication written on the topic.

The information in my book will be based on research done by Extension or University personnel, or knowledge I learned from my boss and mentor, Ed Perry, a  horticulturalist who worked in the field for over 30 years.  In short, I will do my best to tell you the TRUTH. So if I do make you mad, please know that what I write I write in good faith, for the good of gardening humanity!



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