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Kids DIY Gardening: Miniature GardensDIY

Scotch moss is a chartreuse colored plant that makes a perfect fairy lawn.

Letting kids have free reign to be creative and not squashing their enthusiasm is important. I grew up believing I wasn’t artistic since I couldn’t draw or paint like the “talented” kids in school. When I heard the praise those kids received and heard teachers gush over their artwork and ignore what I did, I […]

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New Miniature Gardening Video-Fairies!

My niece made the most adorable miniature fairy garden. She’s only 10 years old and I didn’t give her any help except to show her plants that would work well together. She put together the structure of the garden using a wooden box. She planted the plants and spaced them out the way she wanted, […]

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Miniature Gardening Book

Miniature Garden book Anne of Green Gardens

In 2013 I wrote a book about miniature gardening and had it self-published. I’m really proud of this project that I worked on with Holly Guenther of Kimchi Kawaii who designed the book as well as took many of the photos. Miniature gardens are so much fun, and can be a fun and inexpensive project, […]

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Miniature Gardens in Containers

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Nancy’s Garden for Fairies and Gnomes

Watch this video showing Nancy’s miniature fairy and gnome garden. Nancy’s Fairy & Gnome Garden

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