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Matcha Tea: Healthier Caffeine Habit?

Matcha tea could become my new expensive habit. I limit myself to one per week but am scheming as to how I could afford to drink more. I’m addicted to caffeine and need my daily fix! In my 20’s I started drinking coffee at a temp job because I was bored. The organization had one of […]

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Confessions of a Not-So-Perfect Gardener

As a fellow gardener and a college graduate of horticulture, I feel a lot of pressure to be a perfect gardener. Along with having a 40 hour work week as many of you do, as well as weekly chores, I’m unable to focus 100% of my time on gardening and blogging. Aside from these facts, […]

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Prevent Nature Deficit Disorder: Garden with Kids

Seems like kids aren’t kids for long. Most are glued to a phone texting (girls) or a computer video game (boys) before they are 10. Don’t get me wrong, I think technology is really great and all, but I feel sad that so many children miss out on the wonder of dirt. Looking back on […]

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Time to Say Goodbye

I just saw the paper today, and read that the nursery where I first learned about plants and life, is going out of business after 60 years. It was there I first learned that a coffee pot requires a filter. how to count change and that I had the gift of plant knowledge inside me. I […]

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Passion & Gardening

I must admit, for the past week I have been in a funk. It started Saturday afternoon, with this weird overall feeling of ennui. I was at a wine festival (Zinfest) that i had really been looking forward to attending.  I was annoyed with myself and my attitude, as well as puzzled. Whenever my emotions […]

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