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Eggplant, love it or hate it?

Oodles of eggplant varieties. [H. Guenther]

Eggplant is one of my favorite vegetables to eat, but this wasn’t always the case. This vegetable is much maligned by many people (and I can understand why). When I was a kid I absolutely hated it. However, for some reason my grandmother had the distinct impression that eggplant was my favorite vegetable. Our family […]

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Bugs & Beer: Entomophagy Part I

Most people I tell about my bug-eating experience react with disgust. However, believe it or not, entomophagy, (the human consumption of insects* and arachnids) is practiced by over 80% of the world. EIGHTY PERCENT! Why Bugs and Beer? The advertisement for this event intrigued me. I’d collected bugs for over two decades and taught classes […]

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Landscape Care During Drought

If you live in an area newly effected by drought, you may have some questions about the water situation such as: What IS a drought? How should I irrigate/water during drought? Do I need to pull out my lawn? I’ve heard it’s “bad.” Should I turn off my water and let my plants die? What […]

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Meet Holly Guenther aka Kimchi Kawaii!

You may have noticed the captions underneath almost all of my photos have the same note: photo by Holly Guenther. I wanted you to get a chance to get to know her. Aside from being a fabulous photographer, Holly has many other artistic pursuits. I sat down with her to do a mini interview. Holly, […]

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Plant Bulbs Now for Spring Color!

Good things come to those who “plant” ahead. This includes seeing the lovely blossoms of spring bulbs. In many areas there is still time to plant. Check out this bulb planting chart (scroll down a page or so) to find planting times for your area. Visit your local nursery or garden center to pick out […]

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Best Fall Color Plants

ginkgo trees in fall Anne of Green Gardens

Fall is the time of year when deciduous trees begin to change color from green to gold, red, purple and brown. The term “deciduous” means to lose leaves each year. Before the leaves fall off, they often turn color as the green chlorophyll pigments fade away to unmask other pigment colors underneath. I’ve listed a […]

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Kickstarter Campaign: Launched!

I’ve written my first book! It’s about Miniature Gardening. I hope you will watch my video and check out the campaign, and help make my book a published reality. Anne

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Saving Seeds: Tomatoes

Last year I ate the yummiest cherry tomatoes EVER.  A coworker left some on my desk and I enjoyed them thoroughly. By the time I asked her for more so I could save the seeds, it was too late! Her family had eaten all the tomatoes. And who could blame them? They were absolutely delectable. […]

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Spring Seed Starting 101 Part 2 of 2

After seeds germinate, use a complete houseplant fertilizer at 1/2 strength to provide nutrients. Two weeks later, use the recommended fertilizer  rate on the fertilizer bottle. Over-fertilizing seedlings can easily damage and  kill plants, so follow directions carefully. Once seedlings are large enough to transplant outside, you’ll need to “harden” them off. This is the […]

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Miniature Gardens in Containers

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