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Fall Color Leaves, Joy in the GardenFall Color Trees


Every year I’m amazed at the fantastic leaf colors of gold, yellow, and deep orange, red and purple that decorate the trees in the neighborhoods of my town. The leaves fall to the ground slowly like confetti and leave the sidewalk looking so festive. Why Fall Color? It’s Science! Green leaves turn magical colors because […]

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Kids DIY Gardening: Miniature GardensDIY

Scotch moss is a chartreuse colored plant that makes a perfect fairy lawn.

Letting kids have free reign to be creative and not squashing their enthusiasm is important. I grew up believing I wasn’t artistic since I couldn’t draw or paint like the “talented” kids in school. When I heard the praise those kids received and heard teachers gush over their artwork and ignore what I did, I […]

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New Miniature Gardening Video-Fairies!

My niece made the most adorable miniature fairy garden. She’s only 10 years old and I didn’t give her any help except to show her plants that would work well together. She put together the structure of the garden using a wooden box. She planted the plants and spaced them out the way she wanted, […]

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Anne’s Miniature Garden

This past weekend I dove headfirst into the world of miniature gardening. I had tons of fun creating this little garden world.  Before starting, it’s a good idea to decide on your “theme” and have an idea of what plants you want to use. Or, you can be like me and spend 1 1/2 hours […]

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Miniature Gardens & Fairy Gardens

For physiological reasons, humans adore miniature things. Take for example, babies, kittens and puppies. I say this because when I saw photos of these tiny gardens at my English turned into “baby talk.” I felt a bit silly, but then realized surely these photos affect everyone else in a similar manner. (ahem) Once I finished […]

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