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Winter Gardening

Frosted leaves winter Anne of Green-Gardens

In the gardening world, winter is  not the most exciting time of year. In many places, snow covers the ground and gardeners stay indoors and dream about spring. However, in USDA zones 9 and higher, some plants are blooming and some trees have not lost their leaves. There is still work to be done in the […]

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Living Landscape: Design for Beauty & BiodiversityGarden Book Review


Have you heard the term,“ The Living Landscape?” According to authors Rick Darke and Doug Tallamy, it means that no garden is an island. These two gardening experts encourage gardeners to create a sanctuary for bees, butterflies, birds and other living creatures. As the world becomes more populated with people, there are less places for […]

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Gossamer and Spiders in FallBugs in Your Garden


Every year in late October, I notice strings of “silk” on fence posts, plants and even the sidewalk. My initial assumption was that it was caused by spiders, but one of my friends vehemently disagreed and said it was from plants. So of course, I had to look it up and find out the truth! […]

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Marijuana, Cannabis and Prop 64 in California


Marijuana was on the ballot this year in California. Voters decided to pass Proposition 64- what does this mean? Starting in January, the law allows adults over age 21 to use marijuana recreationally. It also means people can grow 6 pot plants in their home for personal use. Smoking pot while driving and in public […]

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October-Plant Fall Flowers & Vegetables!

It’s October and time to get planting! It’s too late to plant some flowers from seed in USDA Zone 9, with a few exceptions. Sweet peas can be planted now until January.  They are one of my favorite flowers and have an amazing scent. To speed up sprouting, soak sweet peas for 24 hours before you […]

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Fall Color Leaves, Joy in the GardenFall Color Trees


Every year I’m amazed at the fantastic leaf colors of gold, yellow, and deep orange, red and purple that decorate the trees in the neighborhoods of my town. The leaves fall to the ground slowly like confetti and leave the sidewalk looking so festive. Why Fall Color? It’s Science! Green leaves turn magical colors because […]

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Bottle Brush Tree or ShrubPlant Profile

Bottle brush flower. [H.Guenther]

Bottle brush is a striking evergreen shrub or tree. Once a commonly seen landscape plant, it has become less so and been replaced by more popular flowering trees such as crape myrtle and western redbud. Description of Plant This plant flowers heavily in spring, and continues to flower during warm weather. The flowers are spiky, […]

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Anne’s Top 7 Gardening Tips

Annes 7 Tips-Anne-of-Green-Gardens

These 7 tips are helpful ideas I’ve learned during my lifetime of gardening.  There are many more I could have written but 7 is such a good number I decided to stick with it. Feel free to post your tips below! Tip #1 Everybody makes mistakes! All of the gardeners you know and admire (even […]

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Brussels Sprouts and BaconRecipes


Brussels spouts. The name of this vegetable causes most kids across the world to shudder (or so I’ve been told). This tiny cabbage-like vegetable is much maligned for good reason. It’s not usually cooked correctly or creatively. But Mom, I HATE them! Growing up (and for much of my life), I intensely disliked Brussels sprouts. […]

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Aloe Vera: Amazing Plant!Plant Profile


I had my first aloe experience many years ago when I spent the night at a friend’s house. The next morning, I hunched over the bathroom sink while brushing my teeth and my elbow inadvertently landed on her hot curling iron. Yeoch! Her mother heard my yelp, assessed the situation and motioned me to follow her. We […]

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