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Persimmon Tree, No Fruit



Kate H of Santa Cruz County Writes about Persimmon Tree:

I am a backyard gardener in Santa Cruz County with a 9 year old Fuyu persimmon that has never borne fruit, nor indeed effectively bloomed.  Last year it had two blossoms for the first time, this year there are none.  It seems to get adequate sun, water, and I have fed it for the past three years at the suggestion of our local nurseryman. Other than not blooming it is a beautiful tree. When I planted it I cut off the terminal trunk at four feet off the ground, well above an apparent graft six inches or so above ground, in an attempt to get the tree to crown at a lower height.

My question is; should I just tear the damn thing out at this point and try with a new tree?  Could I only have root stock on this thing.Is there anything you might suggest to encourage blooming?  I recognize the non-showy flowers, and do not think it is a case of nonpollination, but would planting another fuyu help?  Any suggestions you can give would be welcomed.

Thanks much!

Hi Kate, thanks for your message!
All fruit trees should bloom and give fruit by at least nine years of age if not sooner.  It sounds like your tree may have bad genetics.  Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to force the tree to bloom. If you know anyone (maybe a Master Gardener?) good at grafting, or want to try it yourself, here’s a link to a publication that may help. It would seem a shame to pull out such a beautiful tree. I’m curious where you purchased it. Usually local nurseries do a great job of providing high quality trees. However, if you did decide to pull it out and replace it, you’d have a tree producing persimmons in the first year or so, and after a few years a large crop of fruit.

I planted a fuyu persimmon tree just two years ago, and last year harvested about 35 persimmons. Writing about persimmons makes me wish for winter again! I can never get enough.

I hope this information helps, keep me posted!




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