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October-Plant Fall Flowers & Vegetables!

It’s October and time to get planting! It’s too late to plant some flowers from seed in USDA Zone 9, with a few exceptions. Sweet peas can be planted now until January.  They are one of my favorite flowers and have an amazing scent. To speed up sprouting, soak sweet peas for 24 hours before you […]

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Powdery Mildew

What is Powdery Mildew? Powdery mildew is a white, powdery-like fungus that sometimes resembles bird droppings. The fungus is composed of tiny white spores that you can see with an eye loupe or a microscope. This unsightly fungus seldom kills plants, but can weaken them and leave them open to new infection by other diseases or by […]

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Spring Wildflowers


This past weekend I went hiking to see wildflowers in the hills above where I grew up. I was delighted to see so many gorgeous blooms! It was a cloudy day which should be good for photos, but I only had my iPhone 6. I was honestly a bit disappointed in how the photos turned out, […]

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Amaryllis, the Bulb that Blooms for many Moons!Plant Profile

amaryllis Anne of Green Gardens

The festive blossoms of amaryllis (Hippeastrum spp.) make a great addition to any holiday décor. Flower color can be red, white, peach, pink or combinations of these colors. The flowers are 8-10 inches wide on stems over a foot tall, and blooms may last for several weeks! How to Care for a Blooming Amaryllis Plant […]

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Plant Bulbs Now for Spring Color!

Good things come to those who “plant” ahead. This includes seeing the lovely blossoms of spring bulbs. In many areas there is still time to plant. Check out this bulb planting chart (scroll down a page or so) to find planting times for your area. Visit your local nursery or garden center to pick out […]

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Bearded Iris

When I was a little girl, we had bearded iris plants growing in our yard.  The flowers happened to be a deep shade of purple, and influenced me to choose purple as my favorite color. For some reason this was a very important decision for me, and I told all my friends the next day. […]

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California Poppy

In 4th grade, students study California history and learn about its state flower, the California Poppy. As a kid I picked a bouquet and put it in a vase. I was intrigued that the flowers closed at night and opened in the morning. I happened to mention it at school and some mean boy told […]

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Camellias in December?

If you’re puzzled to see camellias blooming at this time of year, allow me to introduce you to the Sasanqua camellia. This species of camellia blooms during fall and winter, instead of the traditional spring when other camellias are in bloom. Sasanqua’s are evergreen shrubs that blend in well during the rest of the year, […]

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Woolly Pockets Outdoor ‘Wally’

Woolly pockets bring fun and creativity to any landscape, indoors or out! But the coolest thing about woolly pockets is they are environmentally-friendly.  The “felt” part of the pocket is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. The end result is a pocket that actually feels softer than felt! There are several styles of Woolly Pockets. […]

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Naked Ladies or AmaryllisPlant Profile


One day while walking in my grandmother’s garden, I saw these beautiful pink flowers and asked “Grandma, what are those?” To which she replied, “Naked Ladies! Aren’t they pretty?” I must tell you, I was aghast. I think my mouth dropped open. Why would my grandma talk about naked people?? For some reason that moment […]

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