Popping Popcorn!

Popcorn is a specific variety of corn and is the only grain that “pops.” The reason has to do with the outer covering, and with the specific amount of moisture that is inside each kernel. When heated, popcorn kernels literally explode from the inside out!

Here’s a List of Popcorn Varieties: Japanese Hulless Heirloom Popcorn, Lady Finger Heirloom Popcorn, South American Yellow Heirloom Popcorn, Strawberry Heirloom Popcorn, Little Indian Heirloom Popcorn, Dakota Black Heirloom Popcorn, Pennsylvania Butter-Flavored Heirloom Popcorn, Wisconsin Black Heirloom Popcorn, Cherokee Long Ear Small Heirloom Popcorn, and Baby Rice Heirloom Popcorn.




  1. I’ve done this with my students! Well the popping popcorn on the ear, not the growing part.. maybe next year for that part. We turn out all the lights in the room, then the illuminated microwave is easy to see. The kids LOVE it!! Thanks for the reminder I need to get some popcorn on the cob for this year!!

  2. My aunt gave me a packet of the “butter flavored popcorn” from Pennsylvania. I’ve got to try it next year, I wonder if it really tastes buttery!

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