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It’s All in The Soil

We don’t give much thought to the soil under our feet but without it, we wouldn’t have the landscape that is bountiful or food on our plates. It takes a lifetime to create the ideal soil conditions for plants and crops to grow, but no time at all to destroy it.

The Importance of Soil

For every plant to thrive, it needs nutrients. And these are found in the soil. With the right nutrients in perfect balance, a plant or tree thrives. Too much nutrition causes growth that is too quick resulting in a poor quality plant but not enough, and plants and trees fail to thrive. Fertile soil needs nutrients, as well as air and water.

Healthy Soil = Healthy Planet

Soil is essential for humans, as it is for insects, animals, birds and rodents. Different types of soils are needed too. Sandy soil is great for some plants and insects, whilst heavier soils are needed for other flora and fauna.

What Shape is Your Soil in?

By looking after the soil in your garden, keeping it well fertilized, aerated and watered, you are taking an important ecological step to protect the planet.

Take a look at this infographic and find out more about soil composition, its importance, as well as hints and tips on what you can create your own blossoming mini eco-system!

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