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Summertime-Plant Colorful Carrots!Vegetables


Plant colorful carrot seeds now and harvest amazing tasting carrots this fall! You won’t believe how sweet they are compared to any other carrot you’ve ever tried. Look for colorful carrot seeds from Renee’s Garden or Botanical Interests. Colorful Carrot Varieties When you shop for seeds, you’ll see there are so many different colorful carrots […]

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Nancy’s Garden for Fairies and Gnomes

Watch this video showing Nancy’s miniature fairy and gnome garden. Nancy’s Fairy & Gnome Garden

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Terrarium Video

Anne creates two terrariums. Special thanks to Mark Tovar for his excellent videography and editing skills!

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Roly Polys, Rollie Pollies and Pillbugs, oh my!

Thanks to two facebook friends for their bug questions that inspired this post! Robyn Grace Jennings:  Rollie pollies are eating all my plants and I’m a totally organic gardener. What do I do Anne? :'( Anne of Green Gardens: Robyn, before taking action, let’s do a little detective work. Rollie pollies love moisture, so they are […]

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My New Banner!

I’m so excited to have a banner, designed by Holly Guenther (artist extraordinaire) to advertise my TV show, Anne of Green Gardens, whooo hoooo! I’m going to appear a few places this summer, so please come and see me. For starters, on July 2nd at 11 a.m. I’ll be at Scenic Nursery (1313 Scenic Drive) […]

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Facebook Page or I’m Growing!

Okay, so I lied. I am still only 5’3″ tall. Akshully, I have just created a facebook fan page. How did I do it? Simple. I lounged in a beanbag and directed my friend Holly, who is happy to work for cinnamon flavored pita chips. Please check out: Anne of Green Gardens and “like” my […]

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