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Bugs & Beer: Entomophagy Part II

I was very happy to have my friends Javier and Jill-Marie in attendance with me at a Bugs and Beer event. Javier was an experienced bug eater (he’d tried them in Cambodia), and although Jill-Marie had no intention of eating bugs, she would drink the beer I couldn’t finish and be there for moral support. […]

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Farmers Markets

Many women enjoy shopping, some even love it, as their license plate frames can attest. I was dragged from an early age by my mother to a store called “Lullaby Land” and forced to try on girlie dresses and shoes. While wearing said items, I could later be found outdoors making mud pies and getting […]

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What Do I Need to Know Before Starting an Insect Collection?

So, you’re thinking about making a bug collection? Hooray! I’m super excited and wish I could be there to make it with you. Bug collections are great fun and help us learn more about the natural world. Making a collection needn’t be complicated, and if you want to jump right into it you can read […]

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Bug Collecting: Anne’s Initiation

When I decided to major in horticulture, I noticed one of the required classes was entomology. Entomology is the study of insects, and it sounded like a cool class. During my first quarter at Cal Poly, I met people enrolled in the class who showed me their insect collections. I was a  bit shocked

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