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How to Harvest and Store Citrus

If you live in USDA zones 8 and higher, you may be one of those lucky people who has a citrus tree in the landscape.  (USDA zone 7 gardeners can also grow citrus but need to take more precautions during winter to protect their trees). Citrus trees do best with protection from cold air and […]

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The Frost Cometh: Protect Your Plants!

Here in the Central Valley of California, we normally enjoy mild winters. However, once every few years temperatures dip below freezing. This causes widespread panic among gardeners, who have forgotten (or perhaps did not know) that many plants in our garden are subtropical and need protection. These plants include citrus, avocado, anything with succulent leaves and bougainvillea, […]

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Potato Update!

Have you watched my potato planting video? If not, watch Planting Potatoes for a quick review. The potatoes did really well, and aside from a frost that nipped at them slightly, the tops of the plants were green and healthy. Frost damage happens when temperatures drop below freezing, and the succulent growth dies back. Here […]

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