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Container Gardening Post #4

After being sprayed with horticultural soap, some of my container gardening plants began to grow again and turn green. I killed the spider mites although I did have to make two applications, one week apart. Unfortunately, the beans did not recover from the spider mite destruction and died. Their leaves turned yellow, paper thin and […]

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Anne’s Spring Veggie Garden Story

Ah yes my young grasshoppers…it is with fondness that I look back and remember my first garden. I was so young and terribly excited, probably about 12 years old.  I knew with certainty that my garden would be amazing. It would impress my friends, family and the neighbors.  My vegetable business would be famous, and […]

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Planting Colorful Carrots

battered carrot seed packet-Anne-of-Green-Gardens

If you’ve never carefully tugged carrots out of the ground, brushed off the soil and taken a big bite, your life is incomplete (it’s true). The crunchy sweetness is unparalleled.  

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Passion & Gardening

I must admit, for the past week I have been in a funk. It started Saturday afternoon, with this weird overall feeling of ennui. I was at a wine festival (Zinfest) that i had really been looking forward to attending.  I was annoyed with myself and my attitude, as well as puzzled. Whenever my emotions […]

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Winter Vegetable Gardening

2011 is almost here! It’s time to plan your winter vegetable garden. Here is a picture of me in my garden last year with a yummy kohlrabi I grew.  At this point I had to start prioritizing to decide what to grow for my winter garden. Hopefully you’ve saved enough space for your winter garden,

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