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Ladybug Video- Larvae, Pupa & Adult!

Ladybug Life Cycle Thanks to Holly Guenther of Kimchi Kawaii for taking this video!

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Bug Collecting: Anne’s Initiation

When I decided to major in horticulture, I noticed one of the required classes was entomology. Entomology is the study of insects, and it sounded like a cool class. During my first quarter at Cal Poly, I met people enrolled in the class who showed me their insect collections. I was a  bit shocked

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Aphids vs Ladybugs!

Nothing says spring like a rosebush full of aphids, an insect with an amazingly complex life-cycle. Eggs laid by adults overwinter on plants and batches of mostly female aphids hatch in spring and summer. These females eat and grow (sucking plant sap and producing sticky honeydew) and then give birth to live, wingless young, a […]

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Sustainable Gardening

There are so many terms used in the world of gardening. “Organic,” “natural,” “sustainable,” and “environmentally friendly” to name a few. It doesn’t take long before people are confused by all this terminology (and companies exploit terms for profit). When I garden, I practice good stewardship towards the earth. My goal is to live in […]

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