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Planting Colorful Carrots

battered carrot seed packet-Anne-of-Green-Gardens

If you’ve never carefully tugged carrots out of the ground, brushed off the soil and taken a big bite, your life is incomplete (it’s true). The crunchy sweetness is unparalleled.  

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Square Foot Gardening: Part III


According to Mel, a square foot garden is NOT a square foot garden without a “grid.” Don’t forget to add this important part, which is really easy to make out of yardsticks, venetian blind slats, string, twine or wood slat material from a hardware store. You’ll need a total of 6, 4′ pieces of the […]

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Square Foot Gardening Part I

Square foot gardening has been around since 1975 when retired engineer Mel Bartholomew decided to take up gardening. His experience began at a community garden, where he met new people and planted veggies, herbs and flowers in his plot. Not long after, he and his fellow gardeners were commiserating and complaining about weeding, thinning, and […]

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