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Container Gardening Post #4

After being sprayed with horticultural soap, some of my container gardening plants began to grow again and turn green. I killed the spider mites although I did have to make two applications, one week apart. Unfortunately, the beans did not recover from the spider mite destruction and died. Their leaves turned yellow, paper thin and […]

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Fall Vegetable Gardening: Start Planning NOW!

Summer is nearly over, or at least according to the calendar is it. I’m looking forward to cooler weather, how ’bout you? My garden is scraggly and I’m ready to yank out everything. The tomatoes are sprawled all over, aphids are still a problem,and the crabgrass and spurge out of control. It’s time for a […]

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Square Foot Gardening Part II

After the box is built, it’s time to add the soil. Mel came up with a “mix” for the box that is a combination of peat moss, vermiculite and compost. In my opinion, Mel’s Mix is needed only when gardening on top of cement, lawn or a table (in this case drill holes in the […]

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Seed Packets=Infinite Possibilities!

I love seed packets!! And, although I don’t watch much television, I happened to catch part of an episode of “Hoarders” at the gym this past week.  It made me realize I might have a slight hoarding issue with seed packets. I often receive large boxes at my job, the contents donated by nurseries. The […]

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Although expensive at the store, artichokes are quite easy to grow if you live in the right zone. In zones 8-9, artichokes grow year round, become dormant in the winter, and then return in spring. In other zones, artichokes must be grown as an annual. Check at a local nursery to see if they are […]

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Start Your Own Seeds!

You don’t need a greenhouse to grow seedlings, you can start them indoors! Here is a list of what you’ll need: 6 packs/egg cartons/creative containers Seeds can be planted in just about any container, as long as it has drainage. Poke holes using a sharp pencil. potting soil/compost Use a mixture of 1/2 potting soil […]

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Winter Vegetable Gardening

2011 is almost here! It’s time to plan your winter vegetable garden. Here is a picture of me in my garden last year with a yummy kohlrabi I grew.  At this point I had to start prioritizing to decide what to grow for my winter garden. Hopefully you’ve saved enough space for your winter garden,

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