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Poinsettia CareHouseplants

poinsettias care houseplant Anne of Green Gardens

Poinsettia care is easy! This lovely holiday plant is a joy to have around the house and comes in so many pretty colors. If you’re wondering where poinsettias came from, (a holiday tradition in the U.S. in the 1920’s) you can read more at Poinsettias: A History. Poinsettia Care After purchase, take your plant home […]

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Poinsettias Aren’t Poisonous?

poinsettias care houseplant Anne of Green Gardens

If you’ve never had a poinsettia in your home because you thought they were poisonous, I have good news! No one has ever died from eating or being exposed to poinsettia plants.Ā  And, there is a study to back it up (American Journal of Emergency Medicine, 1996). The study found that most people exposed to […]

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Wicked Plants

This past weekend I traveled to San Francisco’s Conservatory of Flowers to see the Wicked Plants exhibit. (These are not plants from the musical Wicked, in case you are wondering.) šŸ™‚ The title refers to the infamous plants in Amy Stewart’s latest book, which include include oleander, opium poppy, castor bean, and poison hemlock. Remarkably, […]

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Naked Ladies or AmaryllisPlant Profile


One day while walking in my grandmother’s garden, I saw these beautiful pink flowers and asked “Grandma, what are those?” To which she replied, “Naked Ladies! Aren’t they pretty?” I must tell you, I was aghast. I think my mouth dropped open. Why would my grandma talk about naked people?? For some reason that moment […]

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Watch out for Poison Oak!

Warm weather is here, and it’s time to get out and explore nature (just be careful of poison oak!) Ā I’m a huge fan of both State and National Parks. This past weekend I explored Mount Diablo State Park, located near Danville, CA. It has the most breathtaking views! To get to the summit, hike 3 […]

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Poinsettias: A History

poinsettia-history-blogpost Anne of Green Gardens

The history of poinsettias is a really cool story.Ā In 1825, Joel Robert Poinsett, first U.S. ambassador to Mexico spotted what came to be known as the poinsettia. Poinsett had a passion for gardening and sent the plant to friends in the U.S. who immediately began to grow it. (Incidentally, Poinsett founded what we know today […]

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