The BEST Online Vegetable Gardening Info Available!!

During 2007-2009 I worked as a Horticulture Program Rep for UC Cooperative Extension. My days were spent writing publications on horticultural topics. Check them out here. These publications are free to the public and used as handouts at that office.

While at my dream job, I spent hours searching the web for vegetable gardening info. After checking out EVERY (and I mean every) site on vegetable gardens, I discovered only one site had all I was looking for and more: University of Illinois Extension Vegetable Gardening Basics. When it comes to online vegetable gardening information, this website can’t be beat!

Why? The site is colorful and attractive, easy to navigate, and has clear directions. I love the Vegetable Gardening Directory page with its clickable vegetable photos. Each crop has its own page, with all the info needed to start and plant the chosen vegetable. The page also includes frequently asked questions about growing that crop.  And!!! (As if that weren’t enough). The site also includes nutrition information, home preservation techniques and tasty recipes about each and every vegetable!

What more could you ask for, really?? This genius website is the combined effort of Illinois Extension Agents Ron Wolford (Horticulture Info) and Drusilla Banks (Nutrition and Wellness Info). Thanks to them, the world of vegetable gardening is much simpler.

Check out their site here: University of Illinois Extension and bookmark it!!



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