Time to Say Goodbye

I just saw the paper today, and read that the nursery where I first learned about plants and life, is going out of business after 60 years. It was there I first learned that a coffee pot requires a filter. how to count change and that I had the gift of plant knowledge inside me. I feel deep sadness for the family, and a profound loss for our community.  Not just because I grew up there, but because a way of being is dying a slow death. It’s been dying for decades slowly, and very soon, gone will be stores where plants are tended with care, and answers to perplexing questions are readily available. We are trading in our small town stores for big box warehouses.

Sadly, the most often made comment about stores such as this one is “That place is expensive!” And yes, it’s true, you could find similar items cheaper at a larger store, it would just take longer to actually find said item or an employee who knew what the item was and where to find it.

One thing I’ve learned that’s really sad is that once you lose certain things, you can never get them back. So what’s the take-away? Support the businesses and organizations that you care about while you can.

Okay, this post was written with raw emotion and zero editing, so I apologize for changing tense or whatever else I may have done.




  1. amen! That nursery is where I perfected one of my favorite things….making baskets…..and through that, learned that I liked to teach. Plus I made a lot of wonderful friends…like you!

    • Yes!! We can definitely keep the memories alive. I’m so glad to know you too. You were the hanging basket QUEEN!! People came in especially for them, I remember. 😉

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