In men's and women's sizes!

In men’s and women’s sizes!

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away! What are you going to get your sweetie pie/boo? Now is a good time to decide what to get. If this holiday sneaks up on you every year, this one’s for you! (you’re welcome) 🙂

Valentine’s Day Quiz

-What is your significant other’s favorite color?
-Favorite flower?/s
-Do they like to grow plants both indoors both and out?
-Shoe size?
-Glove size?
-Are they missing something they need?
-Did something they love break?

If you don’t know the answers, do some detective work! Then look through my top 5 best Valentine’s Day Gifts for gardeners:

garden hand tool digit

Want a hand tool you can’t break? Diggit has them!

#1 Garden Gear

Did you catch him admiring an electric lawnmower? Has she been commenting on how her pruning shears just don’t seem to “cut” it anymore? Gardening gear is a fantastic gift! Other ideas include Muckboots, gloves, hats, and other essential items. I love the trowels that never break from Diggit garden tools.

Scented rose bushes provide long-term cut flowers.

Scented rose bushes provide long-term cut flowers.

#2 Gift Certificate to Favorite Local Nursery

Does she claim her car “stopped” at the garden center again? The perfect choice is obviously a gift certificate! Who doesn’t love a shopping spree to support their gardening habit? Print out a free copy of the Botanical Interests 2017 Coloring book to go with it!

#3 Potted Plant or Bouquet

Red kiss rex begonia houseplant.

‘Red Kiss’ rex begonia houseplant.

Stop by a local nursery and see what’s available. Research shows houseplants lower stress levels! Instead of a rose bouquet, wrap a 2 gallon rose with a bow! Or pick up a fragrant rose bush. My favorites hybrid teas are ‘Mister Lincoln’ (red,) ‘Secret’ (pinkish white), ‘Bolero’ (white), ‘Sweet Surrender’ (pink), ‘Angel Face’ (lavender) and ‘Midas Touch,’ (yellow).

#4 Seeds

Some people hoard shoes or Teddy bears, but most gardeners absolutely adore (and hoard) seed packets! Many online retailers like Renee’s Garden or Johnny’s Seeds run sales at the beginning of the year.

seed packets

A pile of seed packets gives most gardeners an adrenaline rush!

#5 The 5 Love Languages

This amazing book by Dr. Gary Chapman helps people understand love. It even has a fun quiz! The 5 love languages (not in order of importance) are:
-receiving gifts
-spending quality time
-words of affirmation
-acts of service or devotion
-physical touch

What if all these years, the perfect gift could be exactly what your partner wanted? Buy the 5 Love Languages book to learn more.

Hey-What about the Single People!?

As I write this post, I’ll divulge that I’ve been single for a number of years. It’s not a terrible thing, only thinking so makes it terrible! Take the free Love Languages quizto find out what to get yourself. (lol). At least you know you’ll like it!

Is this why I'm single? (just kidding, I actually like it).

Is this why I’m single? (just kidding, I actually like it).

What was your favorite gift?

Write a note and tell me the best gift you’ve ever received on Valentine’s Day.