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Fall Vegetable Gardening: Start Planning NOW!

Summer is nearly over, or at least according to the calendar is it. I’m looking forward to cooler weather, how ’bout you? My garden is scraggly and I’m ready to yank out everything. The tomatoes are sprawled all over, aphids are still a problem,and the crabgrass and spurge out of control. It’s time for a […]

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Purge that Spurge!

What starts off resembling an innocuous weed can quickly become an unwanted, low-growing ground cover. Summer rain + warm weather =very happy spurge plants! In a matter of a few weeks, this weed can easily take over your garden. Spurge is a summer annual, but in warm climates it can sprout as early as February […]

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The Cheerful Daffodil

When it comes to images that represent spring, daffodils must be included! I discovered this cluster of flowers during a walk through the UC Davis Arboretum last weekend. The weather was sunny, leading me to believe spring had returned (as winter often allows us glimpses of spring before it returns), but of course the next […]

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