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You can’t beat the taste of homegrown fruits, vegetables, herbs and nuts. Plus, there are so many varieties of produce that can’t be found in any store. Use this page to learn more about how to grow your own food.

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Fruits and Nuts

Growing your own fruits and nuts is a fun part of gardening. It’s like having your own seasonal grocery store that saves you lots of money! Also, the flavor of fruits and nuts fresh off the tree can’t be beat.

Fruits and Nuts

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It’s easy to have your own vegetable garden. All you need is at least 4 hours of sunlight and a source of water. Learn more about how to grow your own healthy food.


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Culinary and Medicinal Herbs and Spices

The word “herb” refers to the herbaceous or leafy part of a plant. A “spice” is any other part of a plant like the bark (cinnamon), seed (anise) or root (licorice). Herbs and spices are used to flavor many dishes. Every culture has a favorite set of herbs used to enhance family recipes. Herbs and spices may also be used medicinally at home.

Herbs and Spices

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