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Summertime-Plant Colorful Carrots!Vegetables


Plant colorful carrot seeds now and harvest amazing tasting carrots this fall! You won’t believe how sweet they are compared to any other carrot you’ve ever tried. Look for colorful carrot seeds from Renee’s Garden or Botanical Interests. Colorful Carrot Varieties When you shop for seeds, you’ll see there are so many different colorful carrots […]

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Best Fall Color Plants

ginkgo trees in fall Anne of Green Gardens

Fall is the time of year when deciduous trees begin to change color from green to gold, red, purple and brown. The term “deciduous” means to lose leaves each year. Before the leaves fall off, they often turn color as the green chlorophyll pigments fade away to unmask other pigment colors underneath. I’ve listed a […]

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Fall Color: It’s not just for New England!

Fall is the most wonderful time of the year (in my humble opinion). Every year the colors are a little bit different. Read read about the how’s and why’s of fall color in blog Plant Trees in Fall! Now is a great time to plant trees and shrubs that produce gorgeous fall colors.  My website […]

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Why Aren’t My Tomatoes Turning Red?

This has been a WEIRD and disappointing tomato gardening season.  Here in Zone 9 we had winter, then 3 weeks of spring, followed by the most pathetic summer ever.  The Central Valley of California is known for blazing hot, 100° F August days followed by muggy, miserable evenings.  In fact, local businesses use the theme […]

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