packet of Renees garden brand carrot seeds class=Plant seeds in fall means planting tiny ones like carrots and lettuce. There are many opinions on how to plant seeds, but I’ll tell you about what I find to be the easiest method.

I hardly ever use all the seeds in most packets since I always plant several varieties of each kind. So, I figure I should use as many as possible that year or the following year. To do this, I scatter them generously in rows and don’t worry about spacing. Once they germinate, I thin to the correct spacing about two weeks later.

tiny carrot seedsOne of the most important things I’ve learned is to not bury the seeds too deeply. This is especially true with tiny seeds. Seeds buried too deeply may germinate but will never see the light of day. We shall now pause and reflect on all the poor seeds we’ve buried too deeply during our gardening lifetimes. Seeds that were blamed for being “bad” when it really wasn’t their fault.

Another important thing about growing seeds is knowing their days to germination, which can be found on the side of the seed packet. This really helps save valuable growing season time. For example, carrot seeds should germinate within 7-14 days. In warm weather, they should germinate fairly quickly. My carrot seeds popped up within just 4 days! If you don’t see anything happening within that week, you can replant (if you think you buried the seeds too deeply) or try some other seeds (in case your seeds were old/bad.)

If you need more advice on how to plant seeds, please read Planting Seeds for possible explanations on why your seeds didn’t sprout, and for tips to help you be more successful with seeds.
newly sprouted carrot seeds

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